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For businesses and homeowners, portable storage is a great solution that can solve all sorts of moving and supply problems. Why look into portable storage in Rocklin? Portable storage from UNITS lets you move things at your own pace, or free up space in your property for now, or forever. 

When you use a portable storage unit and place it on your property, you don’t need to empty or refill it to move it to a warehouse, a new home, or a new business property. Its convenience and flexibility for any storage need or any move you might need to make. 

UNITS Sacramento offers portable storage in Rocklin and surrounding areas. We have straightforward pricing, convenient sizes, secure warehouses for storage, and even the other supplies you need to move. Our UNITS are great options for homeowners who are storing or moving things, and they are also a great option for businesses as well.

Why Use Portable Storage in Rocklin for Moving? 

It’s true, moving is a hassle. Getting a truck on your exact moving day can be hard, packing up everything in a single day is tough too, and many moving company experiences leave a sour taste in your mouth. Portable storage from UNITS is a smarter solution that can make your move much simpler. Here’s a few ways: 

  • Get more time moving: You may feel like you have no choice but to hire a huge team of professional movers to get all your stuff out of your home in one day. 
  • Storage for the interim: It can be hard to sell a home when it has all your belongings in it. If you want to declutter your home to help get a better price, putting your beloved objects in a portable storage solution is an inexpensive way to accomplish that. It’s an even better solution if you’ll be staging your home and need to move virtually everything out of it. 
  • Simple delivery, anywhere: UNITS can bring your storage unit anywhere, for you. We’re not just limited to the local area around Rocklin. 
  • Don’t need to drive the truck: You may not need a truck license to drive some moving vehicles, but you may feel like you do. Not everyone is comfortable driving a cumbersome truck, especially not when it’s full. When you work with UNITS you do not need to drive the truck.  
  • There is light for packing: If you’ve ever used a typical moving truck, you know that it’s dark in there, which can make packing things properly tough. Our UNITS have semi-translucent tops and allow sunlight in. That means you can actually see what you’re doing, to make sure your furniture is covered, and things are strapped down properly. 

We sell all kinds of moving supplies, so we’re your one-stop shop for your move. We sell:

  • Moving boxes of several sizes
  • Furniture covers
  • Straps 
  • And more
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Commercial Portable Storage Solutions for Business and Office Needs

Our portable storage solution isn’t just a smart option for homeowners. Businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors to massive corporations can use our UNITS and their portability to their advantage. Keeping excess inventory, storing tools and equipment on a job site, or even moving your office location, are all potential uses of our storage solutions. Here are a few ways different industries can use our UNITS: 

Office: Offices may need to temporarily remove their furniture and other items to allow for a remodel. Or, you may be moving your office, or certain equipment and furniture you have, to another office. Portable storage in Rocklin gives you the flexibility you need to keep your office empty during renovations, or to move things to new locations on your schedule. 

Construction: Did some material arrive earlier than you expected? Keep them safe and dry in our portable storage UNITS. 

Realtors: Competition is tough in real estate. Connect your clients with a smarter way to move, help them declutter their space, or allow them to stage their home by suggesting UNITS Sacramento. 

Contractors: It can be tough to keep all of your tools, equipment and supplies onsite and protected from the elements. Portable storage containers can keep everything secure, protected, while giving you easy access to them. 

Retail: It can be hard to manage inventory, especially in a small space. You can use portable storage UNITS to store off-season inventory. This can be particularly useful in preparation for Christmas or other busy seasons. 

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Learn More About Our Storage Units 

You may be wondering what kinds of storage UNITS we have. Our UNITS are conveniently sized and have a range of features that make them great for all-purpose storage and for moving as a homeowner or as a business. 

We have UNITS as large as:

  • 8′ x 8′ x 12′
  • 8′ x 8′ x 16′

Choose the longer unit if you have a lot of stuff, or if you’re moving objects that are very long. 

Our storage UNITS also have several useful features, including:

  • A channel strapping system that is E-track strap compatible. This allows you to secure items and prevent them from shifting into one another during transit. 
  • The roof is translucent, giving you light for packing and unpacking in the most efficient and safe way possible. 
  • Each UNIT has an advanced locking system. All it needs is your personal lock, which makes it more secure, because our staff cannot access your unit. Neither can anyone else but you. 
  • Every unit is watertight and mold resistant, perfect for longer term storage, or moves in the rain. You won’t get that mildew smell when you open one of our UNITS. 
  • Our UNITS are also UV resistant, which helps protect the color and vibrancy of your furniture and fabrics.  
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Choose UNITS in Rocklin For All Your Storage And Moving Needs


Are you ready to get the convenience of a portable storage unit? All you need to do is call us, and we’ll deliver your UNITS portable storage container. You can take as long as you like packing it, then we can put it where you want. If you want to store it in our warehouse, we’ll drive it over. Or, we can bring it to your new home or business location. 

Reach out to UNITS today to get portable storage in Rocklin. 

If you are ready to learn more about UNITS, ask a question, or get started with a quote then contact us now.

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