Moving and Storage Solutions

Moving and Storage Can be Such a Hassle, UNITS Can Help

Are You Dreading:

Driving a rental truck?

Rushing to load and unload all your stuff in one day?

Loading your heavy things up steep truck ramps?

The stress of it all?

Moving your things twice (into self-storage and out again)?

Someone else handling your valuables?

Paying a full-service moving company?

Let UNITS Make your move much easier!

UNITS Containers Make Moving and Storage Easy

Our Moving and Storage containers are delivered when and where you need it. Our new Robo UNIT can deliver and move containers in places other mobile pod companies can only dream of! Whether that’s under a carport, behind a fence, inside an apartment complex or alongside your home, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage has got you covered.

UNITS Robo Delivery System
UNITS Moving And Storage At A House

UNITS Portable Storage Containers Make Loading and Moving Convenient and Stress-Free

Traditional moving and self-storage ways of the past were backbreaking and no fun. Having to rent a moving truck or take multiple trips back and forth in your own vehicle was a waste of time. Not with UNITS Moving & Portable Storage. You load your portable storage container at your own pace. If something comes up, lock the storage container and continue when you have the time.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Containers are Versatile

Whether you need your container picked up, moved to another location, or stored inside our secure storage facility, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Sacramento has you covered! Need access to your storage container while at our facility? No problem! Just call in advance.

Do you need to free up some storage space in your house or garage? UNITS containers can stay onsite for as long as you need. Need to move across town? We’ll move your container when you’re ready and pick it up when you are finished. Our local storage office is just a call away!


UNITS Portable Storage Containers are Designed for Moving

Our mobile containers were specifically designed with moving and storage in mind. From the steel framed design, pine flooring and translucent roof, UNITS containers are the industries best from top to bottom.

Get a UNIT
Tie Down E Track System by UNITS

Each UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Container has the E-Track Tie-Down System Installed Throughout

Typically found in semi moving trailers, the “E-Track” system allows furniture and other household items to be strapped in so there’s less chance of moving or shifting during transportation. Utilizing these moving straps minimizes the damage that may occur with other mobile storage containers. UNITS Mobile Storage rents these straps at a low cost so you want to use them to secure and protect your items.

UNITS Mobile Moving Containers Have Organic Lighting

UNITS containers have translucent roofs allowing much more light to pass through than our mobile competition. The moving containers roofs are also UV resistant so you won’t have to worry about your items fading. The roof is also bowed in the center making UNITS taller than any other pod container in the market. Don’t get caught in the dark with those other storage companies.

UNITS Lighting Top
UNITS Security Door

All UNITS Portable Storage Pod Containers have Steel Latches for Locking and Security

With a steel door and steel locking latches, you can have peace of mind knowing your items are safe and secure. There’s a spot to place two locks onto the container’s latch. We recommend and sell the “disc locks” that fit perfectly onto the portable moving container latches and you keep the keys so only you have access to the container.

UNITS Portable Storage Containers Are Your Strategic Business Partner

Realtors, Contractors, Restoration Companies, Local Government And State Agencies, Churches, Non-Profits, Retail Stores, Military And More

Stage, Move, Store and More With

UNITS Portable Storage

UNITS Portable Storage!

Our Industry-Best Containers keep your Things Clean, Safe and Odor-Free

UNITS is Proud to Offer the Industry’s Highest Quality Containers, Including:

  • 4″ solid pine wood floors – not plywood like some other storage containers companies. The quality of this wood allows the container to “breath” while preventing mold and mildew from forming.
  • Translucent roof – allows daylight in for safe, easy loading
  • Channel strapping system – for safely securing your belongings
  • Heavy-gauge steel – for maximum strength and durability
  • Fiberglass reinforced walls – to ensure a watertight space and ensure cleanliness
  • Low profile – for ground level loading
  • Double-lock latch – for extra security
  • Clean, secure, and accessible warehouse

We have UNITS as large as 8′ x 8′ x 12′ and 8′ x 8′ x 16′ storage containers. Our 12’ containers typically hold two to three rooms and the 16’ containers usually hold three to four rooms. This can vary depending on how heavily furnished your home is and how efficiently the container is loaded. Don’t worry, we will help you decide exactly what containers are right for you. Unlike other moving companies, if you later realize you need additional UNITS containers, we’ll deliver them immediately. Call one of our representatives today and they’ll walk you through the entire process.

UNITS Moving Container Space Estimator








A Few Tips For Packing

  • Box everything that you can
  • Clearly Label all boxes so you can identify the contents and keep an inventory.
  • It’s wise not to fill large boxes with heavy items such as books as they’ll quickly become impossible to carry and may break.

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