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Portable storage is exactly what it sounds like. You can put anything you like, from furniture and clothing to inventory, into a portable container. It is much more flexible and convenient than typical moving and storage solutions, whether you’re a business or an individual. Discover the benefits of portable storage in El Dorado Hills and why you should consider UNITS is Sacramento for your next move or storage needs.

How Does Portable Storage Work?

Our portable storage is simple and convenient. We park your portable storage unit outside of your home, your business, or somewhere convenient for you. You load it at your leisure, taking as much or as little time as you like. When you’re done, you can keep the storage unit right where it is, or have us move it to our warehouse, your new home, or another location that is convenient for you.

If you choose to move your unit to our facility, you can rest easy knowing that it is secure. You’ll provide your own lock so that only you can access it, and you don’t have to worry about outside theft as we have security for the facility. You can access the storage anytime, without having to move it somewhere else. All you have to do is call ahead so we can ensure your unit is accessible.

How Portable Storage Works In El Dorado Hills

The Portable Storage Process

1. Get A Quote

We have different sizes of UNITS to fit your storage needs and budget. Compare us to the competition.

Get a Quote for Davis UNITS

2. UNIT is Delivered

When you are ready we bring the container to you. This can be a contactless delivery. If you are located in an area with limited access or space we do have the robo-unit which can finish delivery at locations where large trucks cannot fit.

3. You Pack And Load Your UNIT

You can load it up fast or take your time. Whatever works best with your schedule.

Loading A Unit in Davis

4. We Pick It Up When You Decide

When you are ready for us to pick up the container just contact us to schedule the day and time of pick up. This can be a contactless pickup as well.

Pick up UNITS Davis

5. We Deliver To Your New Location Or We Store It At Our Location

If you are ready to receive your container at your new location we can bring it right there. If you are just needing to free up space or aren’t ready at the new location then we will store your container at our secure facility in Sacramento.

When you are ready to have your container delivered again just contact us to let us know the day, time, and location where you would like us to drop it off again.

6. Once Empty We Pick Up The Container One Last Time

Let us know when you are done with the UNIT give us a call and we will schedule the pickup. We hope you enjoyed your experience with UNITS and will call us if you need storage again or tell a friend.

Empty UNIT Pick Up

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Use Our Robo Unit for Portable Storage

Want portable storage made even easier? UNITS now offers a ROBO-UNIT, a robot delivery system that can make delivering your storage container much simpler. The hydraulic robot lifts up to 7,000 pounds and moves up to 10,000 pounds, so it has more than enough power to move your full storage unit wherever you need it to go.

It can place your storage unit anywhere a vehicle can fit, even if it’s crowded or a tight spot. The robot automatically levels the storage unit so that nothing breaks. And it conveniently locks into the back of the truck, for more stability while transporting. Once you’re nearby, the robot takes over putting the storage container in place, so the truck doesn’t need to drive on your driveway. That can help reduce damage to your property.

UNITS Robo Deliver Can Get A UNIT Into Tight Places

The Benefits Of Portable Storage

Why use a portable storage unit instead of just moving your stuff into a truck or a stationary unit? There are many benefits of portable storage units that may make your life much easier, including:

  • Forget the time limit: There’s no need to move all in one day when you use a portable container. We can drop it by your home days or weeks before you move, so you can slowly add items to it. This can significantly reduce the stress you have on moving day, and give you the time you need to make sure that everything is securely packed, reducing the risk of breaking something.
  • Move multiple times: Are you doing a short-term or temporary move? The convenience of UNITS will allow you to keep some of your items in storage, while putting the rest into your temporary home. Students, seasonal workers, and those on short-term contracts will benefit with reduced moving and storage costs, because we can handle both.
  • Downsize and declutter: You can use portable storage to hold all kinds of items that take up a lot of space, but which you need access to every year, or more often. Holiday items, craft items, sentimental items and heirlooms are all great options to put in your storage container.
  • Keep your items safe: Portable storage is more secure than many permanent storage options. With our security team, video surveillance, and other precautions, it is very challenging for thieves to break in.
  • Simple delivery: Typically, you have to pack and unpack items from your storage container into a truck to move them. Our system cuts this inconvenience. All we do is put the container on a truck and move it, which means you don’t need to be there for us to do your delivery.
  • No driving: Not comfortable driving one of those big moving vans? We get it. Our team can drive the truck for you.
  • Lighter storage unit: Our UNITS all have special ceilings that let light in. That makes it a lot easier to see what you’re doing when you’re packing. It’s convenient and it can help prevent damage to your things because they are packed more securely.
Benefits of El Dorado Hills Portable Storage
Who Can Use El Dorado Hills Portable Storage

Who Can Use Portable Storage?

Portable storage solutions aren’t just great for people who are moving. There are many other times when you might benefit from a portable storage unit, but just not think of it. Consider these uses for our storage:

  • Before you sell your home: Appearances are everything in home buying. The less cluttered your home, the more appealing it will be to many buyers. Place your stuff in a unit just to declutter or to allow the stagers to do their magic.
  • Business owners and managers of small stores: Small stores may struggle to handle their inventory and compete with larger stores. Portable storage is a great solution to hold more inventory without remodeling or leasing more space.
  • Business owners and managers prepping for the holidays: Sometimes you have a large influx of inventory around the holidays or your busy season. Portable storage can help you temporarily hold the inventory to meet your demand.
  • People who are downsizing: Not sure what you should keep yet? Store your excess items in a storage unit and keep them or slowly discover which you’ll need, and which you won’t, without risking having to buy it again.

Why Choose UNITS in Sacramento?

We’re the most convenient portable storage unit option in the area. Our helpful and dedicated team will help you meet your storage or moving needs simply and securely.

Reach out to UNITS today to discuss taking advantage of our portable storage in El Dorado Hills.