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Moving can be such a hassle... UNITS can help!

Are you dreading...

  • Driving a rental truck?

  • Rushing to load and unload all your stuff in one day?

  • Loading your heavy things up steep truck ramps?

  • Moving your things twice (into self-storage and back out again)?

  • Someone else handling your valuables?

  • Paying a full-service moving company?

  • The stress of it all?

Then throw out the old ways of moving and let UNITS make your move much easier!

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We bring the UNIT to you . . . where you want it and when you want it

UNITS will place your container in whatever location is most convenient for you. Do you want it in your driveway with the door facing your garage? Done! On the street? Sure! Sideyard - yes, we can!

Load and unload at your pace so you can be more organized and in control.

No one-day truck rental scurry. No need to rush. Our low cost service allows you a full month to load, relocate and unload. So, take your time, relax, and move at your pace. The convenience of a UNIT during unload is even more convenient. No need to quickly unload everything into your new home only to have stacks of stuff constantly in your way. Instead, unload a little at a time to ensure that all your belongings end up in their rightful place - the first time.

We'll do the driving

Let our experienced drivers and state-of-the-art loading system alleviate all of your transportation worries. No big trucks to drive or trailers to hitch. And, best of all, no lines to wait in, mileage to calculate or gas to purchase. We've got you covered.

Our flexibility can make you money

  • Do you need to stage your house for sale? You can use a UNIT to help you de-clutter your home, thus making it appear larger which often results in a higher selling price. We'll store your excess items in our clean, secure warehouse and then, when the sale is complete help you move the remainder of your belongings into our warehouse temporarily or straight to your new location. This allows you to split the moving work into parts making it a little easier on you.

  • Do you want to leave some things in storage and take only some to your new place? Can do.

  • Not sure when you'll get into your new place? No worries. Your belongings are safe in a UNIT whether stored outside at your old location or in our clean, secure warehouse. No need to unload into self-storage only to have to load and unload again a few days/weeks later.

Our Industry-best containers keep your things clean, safe and odor-free

UNITS is proud to offer the industry's highest quality containers, including:

  • 2" solid pine wood floors - not plywood like some other storage containers companies. The quality of this wood allows the container to "breath", while preventing mold and mildew from forming.

  • Translucent roof - allows daylight in for safe, easy loading

  • Channel strapping system - for safely securing your belongings

  • Heavy-gauge steel - for maximum strength and durability

  • Fiberglass reinforced walls - to ensure a water tight space and ensure cleanliness

  • Low profile - for ground level loading

  • Double-lock latch - for extra security

Clean, secure, climate-controlled, accessible warehouse.

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What our customer say about us!

"Had a pest problem and needed to really clean out the garage. I contacted Units and Tyler incustomer Sacramento was extremely helpful. Everything was no hassle and on-time. They communicated very well, there were no surprises. She had a unit available and it was delivered and placed in my driveway on-time and on-schedule. The Unit was just about brand new. I utilized the unit in my driveway for two months while I pulled everything out of the garage, insulated and hung drywall. The Unit was perfect of this application as everything was securely stored but accessible. When I was done with my work, I put my stuff back in the Garage and they came and go the unit the next day. The customer service was excellent...I felt like I was there most important customer even though I was one of probably hundreds. Thanks again Units, if and when I need storage again, you will get my business." — John W.

UNITS is the very best in mobile moving and portable storage.
UNITS portable moving service is economical and easy.

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