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Absolute A+ job!

I would HIGHLY recommend UNITS to ANYONE! From answering all my initial questions promptly and professionally to delivering all three of our units in a VERY timely manner, these guys went above and beyond! UNITS rocks and so does the team! Call them today... I know you won't be disappointed.

Andy S.; Sacramento, CA

High Quality

UNITS Portable Storage is a high quality organization. Great service. Great communication. Can't go wrong with them. I was very pleased with the three units that I used. Clean equipment. Fast service. Highly recommend. Thank you for the great experience. They get it when it comes to customer service.

Jim H.; Sacramento, CA

Best Price and Service

Having to move over 12 times in the last 16 years I can honestly say my experience with Sacramento UNITS Mobile Storage couldn't have been better. Their price and service were the best. Heaven forbid I move again, but if I do, these guys will be my first call!

Jeff C.; Sacramento, CA

Excellent Service‎

UNITS Mobile Storage has served my family well in our recent housing transition. It sure makes moving quite simple and less strenuous than using the conventional moving truck method with the costs being similar for the UNITS Mobile Storage versus renting the moving truck, gas, insurance, paying or feeding people to help, etc. In addition, it doesn't all have to take place in a day or even 8 hours like some of the truck rentals are now. You can leisurely work over a 30 period for the same cost as using a UNITS container for a day. What a relief for those of us who are not 20 years old anymore. Sacramento UNITS Mobile Storage Owner Gordon and his driver, Grover were most congenial and consistent in their quality of service which brought the UNITS Mobile Storage Brand 100 percent to the table for our need. We would highly recommend this specific service and company.

— Mark S.‎

Outstanding performance‎

UNITS really helped our Habitat for Humanity Project in Mt Auburn. We called Gordon looking for a container to house our on-site materials. He gave us a UNIT for free and even delivered it the next day. We had the UNIT for about 3 months. We had to get it picked up on short notice because the concrete had to be poured. UNITS had it picked up the next morning. We kept our schedule and now the community has another affordable house built by Habitat for Humanity. Thanks UNITS!‎

— Tom

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Units Mobile Storage Exceptional Service‎

Service from UNITS was exceptional. The storage unit was much nicer than others I have seen. We had to change moving dates several times and still had no problems. Phone calls were answered or returned promptly and the drop offs and pick ups went as planned. All involved were professional, courteous and helpful and friendly. Could not have asked for a better experience! Will definitely recommend to all!‎

— ed2sharie

Much better than the other container services‎

As a Moving Labor Service, our crews know their storage units. After doing a move where our customer had a Units Mobile Storage, our guys came back and reported how much better constructed they were than the other companies. They have metal decks and reinforced walls with plenty of places for tie downs. If you are going to use a Mobile Storage Service, these are the guys to choose.

— 4WeHelp Sacramento Movers

Director of Communications

I highly recommend UNITS storage! The owner, Gordon, generously assisted Moeller when we needed a place to store donations for a charity rummage sale. Gordon and one of his drivers, Grover, went out of their way to be helpful. It would be an understatement to say their service was "above and beyond" the call of duty. For example, one day we ran out of storage space due to the number of donations we received. When we called for another UNIT, they sent one over within hours. During the months we worked with them, they were always professional and dependable. If I ever need this service again, I will be sure to contact them.

— Johanna Kremer‎

Wonderful to work with!‎

I cannot say enough good things about Gordon Wright and the driver that we worked very closely with, Grover. When we needed a second UNIT in an emergency situation, they dropped everything and had it to us immediately. They made our lives so much easier by their response time and willingness to work with us. I highly recommend them to anyone with storage needs.‎

— Sally

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I am all about convenience. These guys came to my house, unloaded the UNIT in front of my garage, helped me load, and off they went. I did some research and was very happy with price and security. I already recommended them to my family and a few friends.‎

— Swap

They really go the Extra Mile‎

Thank gosh I don't have to do the self-storage thing. I had never considered this option and we're going though a big remodeling of our home. They came right up to our front and made the loading much easier. The driver even gave my husband some extra help. Anyway, I know our things are in good hands - plus it sure will make it easy when we're done with the house. Good company, nice people.‎

— Laura

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